Birgit is committed to expanding the understanding of, and the respect for, the importance of honeybees in our environment. To share her substantial knowledge, Birgit has developed a series of demonstration programs for both children and adults. Topics cover the social interactions of honeybees, pollen and nectar collection activities, honey productions, and the evolution of beekeeping from medieval times to the 21st century. Visual aids include posters, beekeeping equipment, a beehive, insect samples. Special emphasis is put on the difference between wasps and bees and how to behave in their presence. A taste of honey and ideas for follow-up activities are also provided. Birgit's enthusiasm is contagious, and she has developed a well-earned reputation as a delightful speaker at Boston area  schools, clubs, libraries, and other organizations.

  1. -Talks for Tots: (40 minutes)
    Introduction of nursery school age children to the life and special habits of honeybees. Culminates in play-acting by the children of life in the colony.                                Great also for birthday parties!

    -Insect Study Enrichment (60 minutes)
    Enriches the insect study curriculum in grades K-6.

    Note: In order to maximize learning, groups   are  limited to 25 students.


- "A Year in the Life of a Beehive and its Beekeeper" (60 minutes).
A slide show presentation to an auditorium of older students and adults, depicting activities in and around a beehive from January to the fall's honey harvest with special emphasis on flowers and blossoms attractive to bees.

Educational Programs

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